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Computer Forensics


Litigation Support

In today's minefield of Police Investigations and civil litigation, Litigation Support can help with the evaluation and searching of evidence produced and/or disclosed during investigations and court proceedings which can cause a complete headache to the legal teams assessing the evidence.

New Zealand Forensics can offer a unique service using staff that have a vast knowledge of court procedures and the giving of evidence.

Using analytical software packages and skills obtained while in the New Zealand Police, data can be assessed in a relatively quick fashion, so that an overall picture can be obtained of a situation in a very short period of time


Employment Related Issues

In today's technology driven world, employers are required to know what their employees are doing on their work computers at all times. 

This may even boil down to time their employees are surfing the Internet, when they should be working. Employment  Related Computer Examinations / Analysis provide the employer with an in depth analysis/audit of an employees work/internet computer usage. Their computer usage can form a vital part of any disciplinary matter. 

The results of these examinations can be used in Tribunal/Court hearings. The examinations are conducted in exactly the same manner, as would any evidential criminal examination.  Employee Computer Examinations are becoming a vital part of many employment related disciplinary matters. 

System Cloning & Imaging

Whether you wish to have a full Computer Forensic Examination completed or you just want a snapshot of a computer for future analysis, an Evidential Image of a computer can be obtained for future use/analysis. 

This is a cheap safe way of preserving any evidence and also will prevent future accusations of tampering with evidence or stop the possible loss of such evidence.




Disk Analysis & Forensic Investigation

Once an Evidential Image has been created of the subject computers Hard Drive(s) a full Forensic Examination can be completed. This examination will include the recovery of deleted files, pictures, Internet history, web mail and normal email. 

This can also include the users, start up and shut down times and whether files have been copied to other media or storage devices. 

In most cases it is possible to recover information that relates to the burning of CDs/DVDs and or copying of data to other media such as USB Thumb Drives or External Hard Disk Drives.

All Evidential Images are created using Internationally Recognised practices and software. These images and methodology used to create them are accepted in all New Zealand Courts

Unfaithful Spouse Issues

With the ever increasing use of computers, it is no surprise that the computer/cell phone is playing a greater role where people choose to have affairs or are unfaithful in their relationships. 

Unfaithful Spouse Computer Examinations or Cell Phone Examinations can play an extremely important role in any family related issues. This also applies to children's behaviour on the Internet and their cell phones.


Children at Risk
​on Internet & Cellphones

Many parents are concerned about the activities of their children on the internet or how the children use their cell phones. An examination of either device can give a parent a very accurate picture of what their child/children have been up to and what they have been saying/doing on the internet.

The internet is not a safe place, neither is the faceless texting between people using cell phones. Text messages and MSN messages can be deleted as can be the internet histories, but in most cases, this information can be recovered.

It is a parents responsibility to know what their child/children are doing and this can form a very important part of that knowing.