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Data Recovery

As the value of computer data increases, so has the need to Recover Lost Data. Depending on how the data has been lost, it may be possible to recover it using advanced Data Recovery tools.

New Zealand Forensics routinely recovers data from failed hard drives caused by:


Logical Failure

This can be caused by many different situations, from viruses and malware infections to the improper installation of new software or the installation of software updates. It could also be caused by the deletion of files that the system requires for the proper operation of the computer. Also included here is the accidental formatting of a drive, which will cause data to be lost.

If a drive has been accidently formatted, do not try and recover the data files yourself. Instead, turn the computer off and take it to a person qualified to recover the data.

  • File System Damage (Lost Data, Computer will Not Boot, drive not Accessible)
  • Viruses or User Sabotage.
  • User Error Such as Accidentally Deleted Files or Formatting.
  • Static Electricity, Power Surges and Outages.

Physical Failure

This occurs when there is a physical/mechanical or electrical failure within the drive itself.  There are a number of scenarios that can lead to these types of failures.  Often they are the result of irregular voltages from power surges, or from a physical impact of some type. Age of a drive can also play a factor. Most failures in hard drives will occur after bewteen 3-5 years of use due to typical wear on the drive's parts.

NZ Forensics does not deal with Physical Failure however we can recommend businesses that can assist in this field. All Data Recovery is conducted from a forensic point of view so that the actual hard drive is never actually worked on during the data recovery process .

  • Mechanical Failure (Clicking, Grinding, or Unusual Noises/Will Not Spin)

  • Bumped or Dropped Drives.

  • Natural Disasters Such as Lightning Strikes, Fires, and Floods.

  • The Age of the Computer.