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As computers have revolutionised the world, the way we live
and the way we conduct business, both private individuals and businesses regardless of size must be mindful of their computer networks and systems.

NZ Forensics provides services in litigation support and employment related matters as well as other specific areas where there is a belief that there has been misuse of an electronic device, computer or network.   Read More >

Depending on how the data has been lost, it may be possible to recover it using advanced Data Recovery tools.

NZ Forensics specialises in the recovery of data where a logical failure has occurred. This may have been caused by a virus or malware of some type, that has infected your system so that it will no longer boot. This can also occur after an improper software update or an accidental format of your system drive has occurred.
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Mobile/Cell phones are now one of the most used tools where offences have been committed in either criminal or civil matters. Cellphones or other electronic devices themselves are really just smaller versions of your home computer or laptop.

A thorough examination of a cellphone can reveal much about its user. Cellphone Forensics is based on the same principles and rules as Computer Forensics and examinations are conducted using the same evidentially sound methodology.   Read More >

With the ever increasing use of computers and the Internet,
people wishing to protect data are using passwords and data encryption to protect it.

If the password is lost or as an employer, you wish to know what an employee is doing, the password may be recovered to give you access to the information.  Password Recovery methods are advancing at an ever increasing rate, making recovery even more probable.   Read More >

NZ Forensics works with

  • Businesses (Large or Small)
  • Law Firms
  • The Courts
  • Private Investigators
  • Corporate Security
  • Human Resources
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