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Recover and Preserve Critical Data With Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is locating, extracting, analysing, and preserving data from computer systems. Our partners often engage this service to support criminal or civil litigation. However, there are other occasions when a forensic approach to computer data is important, too.

At NZ Forensics, we combine first-hand police force experience with advanced digital forensic techniques. The result is a comprehensive service for reliably preserving key information. We've expanded our offerings in this area to include many types of support. First, consider what makes this offering distinct.

How Are Computer Forensics Services Different from Data Recovery?

In one sense, these two things are pretty similar. Both involve extracting information from computer systems, sometimes after tampering or damage. They are separated by the level of discipline involved. Basic data recovery is usually for private purposes, so standards and practices can be less rigorous.

In a forensic computer examination, however, we must carefully preserve the information. Without a transparent chain of custody and evidence that the data exists as it initially did on the device, it may not be admissible in court. Our team uses the latest techniques plus advanced software tools to maintain this forensic standard.

Supporting Our Clients With Diverse Services

There are many occasions when you may need a forensic examination of a computer device. Alongside our support for conducting such recovery operations on mobile devices, we are highly skilled in more standard computers. We can investigate and analyse both Windows-based and Apple desktop computers and laptops.

We further categorise this service into multiple types to simplify understanding where and how we can help.

Litigation Support

Some clients might be navigating a minefield of police investigation or civil litigation. We offer a targeted service to evaluate or search the evidence from such proceedings for those individuals. To do so, we use our extensive knowledge of court procedures and the standards of evidence.

We know that time is essential and work to provide a quick turnaround. Combining this experience with our analytical software packages, we can evaluate the data in evidence quickly and reliably. In our search, we look for any issues or trouble signs with the data or search for answers to critical questions under investigation.



Issues Related to Employment

In disputes with employees, computer usage habits at work might become central to the matter. What are staff really doing on the Internet during work hours, for example? We can assist employers in the disciplinary process with in-depth audits and analysis of employee work devices. Our high standards ensure that our results may be used in court or tribunal hearings.


Cloning and Imaging Systems

Sometimes, you may know a computer's data is important, but not how or why. In other cases, you may have concerns about the long-term safety or integrity of the information. In these situations, cloning the system is the best option. We can take a complete "image" of the hard drive's information for preservation.

This evidential image provides an opportunity for future analysis and prevents the possibility of any illicit tampering or destruction of evidence.


Disk Analysis & Investigation

Just as we can create evidential images of computer hard drives, we can also conduct forensic examinations on them. This process includes recovering:

  • Deleted files
  • Pictures
  • Webmail and email
  • Internet history
  • Data transfer history

We use standards and practices recognised internationally and enforce a methodology that yields more acceptance before New Zealand courts.

Engage a Trusted Team Today

Prioritising data integrity and client satisfaction is our number one goal. We've invested consistently in extensive training and certification while gaining years of hands-on experience. Through these efforts, we've created an in-depth roster of forensic services designed to support many investigations. We invite you to experience the difference first-hand and to discuss how we can help.