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About NZ Forensics

New Zealand Forensics is one of New Zealand's leading computer forensics companies. We are an innovative and progressive business dedicated to the Computer Forensic and Data Recovery industry. The business uses only the latest, most up to date hardware and software that has been proveninternationally by the developing companies and also proven worldwide by the software users themselves.

The software, hardware and methodology used by New Zealand Forensics is that which is taught by the world's leading Computer Forensic Training entity, IACIS (International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists). Many of the Law Enforcement Agencies from around the world usethe same software and methodologies and have also received training from  IACIS.

New Zealand Forenics does not rely solely on one selection of hardware and software, but uses a number of different software packages to give the most complete examination possible.  Using software/hardware created by the worlds leading companies, such as Guidance Software (EnCaseand Tableau), AccessData (Forensic Toolkit and Mobile Phone Examiner Plus, MPE +) CelleBrite (UFED Ulitmate, Physical Analyser), Paraben Corp (Device Seizure), Digital Detective (NetAnalysis an History Extractor, SiQuest Corp, (CacheBack) and many other utility programs, we can completean examination that will disclose all available information.

About Mike Chappell
- Leading Computer / Data Forensic Consultant & Analyst

Mike Chappell is one of New Zealands leading Computer/Cell Phone Forensic Consultants/Analysts.

Mike spent the majority of his working life in the New Zealand Police. As a Senior Detective, he investigated a number of Computer and Internet related crimes. He was latterly seconded to the Christchurch Fraud Unit and also spent several years working as an Analyst in the CriminalIntelligence Section in Christchurch.  He also completed both Police Fraud courses (Basic and Advanced) and also lectured at these training courses.

Mike was contracted by a Private Investigation company to analyse software and computers where it was suspected that Pirated and Counterfeit Software was being used or copied for distribution.

After retiring from the New Zealand Police, Mike travelled to the United States of America where he received training in Computer Forensics with IACIS (The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists). He was the first person from New Zealand to attend the courseswhich were held in Orlando Florida.

After successfully completing the Basic Training Course in 2000 and the Advanced Course the following year, Mike completed and passed external examinations with IACIS, where he obtained the qualification of Certified Forensic Computer Examiner. This is an internationally recognisedqualification of which Mike was the first to obtain it in New Zealand. He has not re-sat the certification.

While attending the IACIS training courses, Mike also attended the Techno Security Conferences held in South Carolina. This conference is an internationally recognised forum and is attended by over 500 delegates worldwide. The conference is sponsored by major Information Technology,Security and Forensic Software companies from all over the world. Attending these conferences allows the delegates to network amongst their peers and also form associations that last for many years to come.

In 2003 Mike re-establish his business. He has conducted numerous forensic examinations for private business, private investigators, private individuals, Barristers and Solicitors and major corporations. Mike has also spoken to a number of business groups regarding employee relatedissues, involving computer misuse and has given expert evidence in the New Zealand Court of Appeal, High Court, District Court, Employment Court and also the Family Court.

Due to the nature of the industry, Mike is continually up skilling himself and updating his forensic software to be a leader within this specialised field. His skillset encompasses the traditional investigative and analytical techniques he obtained while working for the New ZealandPolice with the cutting edge skills he has obtained while furthering his training for with regard to Computer Forensic, Cell/Mobile Forensics and Data Recovery.